Natural Hessonite Garnet 925 Solid Sterling Silver Pendant 22mm - Natural Rocks by Kala

Natural Hessonite Garnet 925 Solid Sterling Silver Pendant 22mm

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Handmade, natural product

Stone: Natural Hessonite Garnet

Metal: 925 Solid Sterling Silver.

Gemstone size: 14mm X 12mm

When you work with the energies of Hessonite Garnet, you will experience incredible mental relief and freedom from your mental agony. The beneficial effects of this stone will be felt by having clarity in mind and being able to release your fears.You will be more confident in your thoughts, words, and actions, and you will be able to clear the confusion in your head. Hessonite Garnet will assist you in getting rid of all negativity in your mind. It will give you comfort of mind and help you release your emotional, mental, and spiritual burdens. It will dispel your confusion and enable you to make decisions with wisdom and confidence. This stone will give you that much-needed push to help you face life’s challenges. It will give you the courage, the strength, and the right frame of mind. It will give you mental healing and relaxation. It will also endow you with clarity of vision. Hessonite Garnet will guide you in finding the path to your divinity and spirituality by releasing you from your materialistic desires and limitations. If you suffer from a lack of confidence, or you find it hard to express your emotions, then you definitely must have a Hessonite Garnet!